Our goal is to give your ideas a shape. No matter if they are small, big or huge. With any material, from chalk to fiberglass, we make your fantasy come true. Our job is an art, and we are proud of it. It is a sort of creative craftmanship that we have been passing on from generation to generation with strict rules, respect for traditions and, at the same time, an open-minded attitude towards new technologies. Items that were once made with basic tools and plenty of hard labour, nowadays appear even more amazing thanks to modern high-end machinery, like our 5-axes robot, capable of creating complex, large sized objects with millimetric precision. Or our styrofoam cutter, which forms three-dimensional light weight shapes with extreme accuracy.

Our laboratory, an authentic, fascinating XXIst century artisan workshop, is in Rome, Italy. We have many clients. They are all very demanding and always satisfied with our products. There are movie and theater scenographers who want to see their scale models come to life, architects seeking an original touch for their projects and even theme parks creators who sometimes need huge structures, that will impress and excite thousands of visitors.

Our keyword is quality. And quality has allowed us to be an industry leader for decades. Also because we don’t simply build objects, but we also deliver and set them up in your location. In Italy or anywhere in the world.

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