It all starts with a thought. All we need is your idea, no matter how ambitious it is, to start our productive process. And our process begins with our men, our artisans.
At Arteidea we have many different professional profiles. Everyone has a specific task and our goal is to deliver our customers exactly what they had in mind.

The first one is the sculptor. He is the one who gives raw material its initial shape, who defines the objects’ dimensions, wether actual or to scale. He is also the one who models the clay, cuts the styrofoam or sculpts the chalk: different materials for different needs. Once the sculptor has ended his task, the object is passed to whom we call the”shaper”. He has the fundamental role of turning what the sculptor made (negative) into – let’s say – the real thing (positive) according to the customer’s guidelines. At this point, especially if we are dealing with large sized items, such as scenographies for a movie, it’s time for the plasterer to step in: he will assemble all the different parts and will refine them in order to give them the utmost realism. The last construction step is the one involving the painter/decorator, who will turn a humble stone into a precious gold bar, by distributing lights and shadows, colors and nuances to your idea, making it real.


Not everything can be handmade. Also, not everything needs to be handmade. In the XXIst century an artisan is a highly specialized worker who has to know how to switch from a chisel to all sorts of digital, high-tech devices.

Often our customers provide us with their own project on a 3D Autocad file. Sometimes we create that file for them. That is, anyway, the prerequisite to send instructions to our 5-axes robot. This is a technological masterpiece capable of performing complex milling jobs in no time and with extreme precision, thanks to its ability to rotate freely on the surface, thus creating any kind of curves and shapes. The final product will be aesthetically pleasing, long lasting and with a minimal environmental impact.

All of the above regards also to our styrofoam cutter. During the last decades styrofoam has evolved from being a simple packaging material to a valuable creative resource. At Arteidea we use high density styrofoam made of micro molecules. The result is a low porosity material which means smooth surfaces and a unique dinamysm. High-tech resins used in the finishing process make the object rigid and weather and UV resistant.